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Joey Votto and the Reds donned Bob Ross wigs for a video and it's a masterpiece

"The Joy of Painting" is a transcendent piece of pop culture history. The calm, soothing instructions of the late, great, permanently permed Bob Ross -- as well as the serene landscapes he often painted on his easel -- were the real deal. 
The Reds know this -- so for their April 25 game against the Braves, they're offering a special Bob Ross bobblehead to fans at Great American Ball Park as part of a special ticket package. And how better to advertise for this promotion than with a video featuring various Reds players doing their best Ross impression?
The meme potential of this whole thing is just too much to handle. Here's Joey Votto giving it his best, but eventually succumbing to laughter:

Amir Garrett got into it before his paintbrush betrayed him:

Tucker Barnhart painted some "happy little trees" of his own before he, too, was overcome with the giggles: 

And a special shout-out to Scooter Gennett, who held his amusement in check for a few seconds of inspiration: 

This was a masterpiece.