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John Brebbia's facial hair has gone through a stunning evolution in the Japan All-Star Series

In recent years, November has become known as a good month for men to cultivate new facial hair. Typically, this involves growing a mustache and enduring the disgust of everyone around. For Cardinals reliever John Brebbia, though, he's using November as an opportunity to remove his beard, one step at a time.
During the MLB All-Stars' exhibition game against the Yomiuri Giants on Thursday, Brebbia rocked the big, bushy beard that he had toward the end of the 2018 MLB season.

On Sunday, he appeared in Game 3 with a little bit trimmed off the side, leaving some bushy sideburns and a wild goatee:

The transformation didn't stop there. For Tuesday's Game 4, he took a little more off the side and bottom of his beard. Plus, he shaved the front of his chin clean:

While his previous facial-hair alterations were all within the realm of your typical grooming regimen, Brebbia went completely off the board for his Wednesday look:

He went back to the clean-shaven look he had in the spring ... with two tufts of hair hanging off the sides of his chin. Where did he get this idea? Maybe he watched the Wizard of Oz recently:

Yeah, that's probably it.