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Yadier Molina showed off all his speed with a bizarre rundown and strange infield single

Yadier Molina is many things: A Gold Glove Award winner, World Series champ and an unheralded super-fun ballplayer. What he's not -- like most catchers -- is fast. But that didn't stop him from using his legs during the third game of the Japan All-Star Series on Sunday. 
During a three-hit game in MLB All-Stars' 7-3 win, Molina found himself on first base after singling in the top of the first. When the count went to 3-2 on Carlos Santana, the Cardinals catcher was given the greenlight to run. That would prove to be the wrong decision as he was easily caught between first and second base. After a brief battle, Molina forged a new path: Running toward the dugout. In a way, he won as they never actually tagged him. 

He got a chance to display his speed again in the fourth. Like an expert bocce ball player, Molina hit an inch-perfect broken-bat line drive off the rosin bag that deadened the ball and sent it spinning in a brand-new direction. That gave the Cardinals catcher just enough time to leg out the single: 

Naturally, the dugout went wild with the team's new celebration:

Perhaps tired from his day competing in track and field events, Molina opted for an easier approach in the fifth. Molina snuck a homer just over the right-field wall, allowing him to trot his way around the bases: