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John Sterling's call for Kyle Higashioka's first career HR was very John Sterling

The Yankees hit six home runs (including three by Aaron Hicks ) against the Red Sox during their big 11-1 victory on Sunday night. But one tater was just a little bit more special than the others. 
In the fourth inning, catcher Kyle Higashioka -- who had started his big league career 0-for-22 -- crushed a solo shot into the left-field seats for his first MLB hit. And then, of course, Higashioka (and the world) were blessed with a call from our great and powerful home run call king John Sterling that you can hear in the main clip above.
Yes, "Higa-shioka ... the home-run strokah."
It was no Yangervis song-larte, more of a simpler, uncomplicated rendition. Sterling's Stillmatic. His Vitruvian Man. Not his best, but it shows the soon-to-be 80-year-old broadcaster's ability to diversify his repertoire and still surprise us after all these years.
Congrats to Sterling and major congrats to Kyle Higashioka.