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A failed, popped-up bunt attempt led Johnny Cueto and Yadier Molina to have a laugh together

Whether on the mound or at the plate, Johnny Cueto entertains. 
The Giants' right-hander is a wonder to behold on both sides of the field (and even when he isn't playing, really).
This was all the more evident in Thursday night's Cardinals-Giants series opener at AT&T Park, as Cueto couldn't help but laugh at himself after popping up a bunt attempt in the sixth inning. In fact, he and Yadier Molina (himself no stranger to on-field amusements) shared the moment together, since, after all, baseball is a rather ridiculous game: 

Since Cueto has nonstop fun all the time, he also cracked himself up after catching his foot on the mound and flubbing a pitch earlier in the game, leading to this golden reaction: 

He had all this merriment while spinning a gem, limiting the Cardinals to two runs in a masterful complete-game performance won by the Giants, 6-2. 
May we all have as much fun (and success) doing our jobs as Cueto has doing his.