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Drop everything and let the majesty of Johnny Cueto's running swing wash over you

Maybe you had a rough day on Thursday. Maybe you spilled your morning coffee. Maybe traffic was a pain. Maybe you were stampeded by a giant, sentient toothbrush.
But all of that is OK now, because Giants ace Johnny Cueto is here. In all aspects of his life, Cueto is determined to dance like no one is watching -- on his siblings, on his horse, even on the mound:

During Thursday's start against the D-backs, however, Cueto found himself in a spot in which he's far less comfortable: at the plate. And yet, he did not despair. For he is Johnny Cueto, dispenser of joy, and he would greet this challenge with all the balletic energy and panache he brings to his Instagram account. So sit back, enjoy and let his swing make all of your problems melt away. We call it the Happy Gilmore:

May we all approach our lives the way Johnny Cueto approaches a fastball.