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Johnny Cueto proves you must be ready for anything as he records a strikeout on a quick pitch

For months, we've debated the meaning behind Johnny Cueto's beautiful shimmy. Is it simply a timing mechanism for the pitcher, so that he can keep his motion in order? Is he listening to Top 40 radio through a hidden earpiece and must show his appreciation through dance? Is his wiggling some kind of secret CIA code? 

As it turns out, it's actually so he can easily blow pitches past batters when he skips the shimmy. He showed that off during the Giants 10-1 win against the Brewers on Tuesday when he got Hernan Perez to swing and miss. 

Of course, just because Cueto can use his shimmy (or lack thereof) to mess with the hitter's timing, it doesn't mean that the other possiblities aren't also true. It could be a multitasking wiggle. 
(h/t @McCoveyChron