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Johnny Cueto's newest hat features a picture of himself wearing the very same hat

Last week, we saw Johnny Cueto, Giants pitcher and Instagram demigod, post a video of himself wearing a hat with his own face on it. Knowing the people craved more, baseball's best haberdasher posted pictures of himself on Friday and Monday morning in two additional colorways of his self-styled lid.

But in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, Cueto posted another cap-centric picture of himself to his Instagram. This was a picture sure to change the worlds of both baseball and fashion forever:

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If you guys like these you may be real happy soon

A post shared by Johnny Cueto (@johnnycueto47) on

Yes, that is Johnny Cueto wearing a hat of himself wearing a hat of himself wearing a hat of himself. It's unclear whether this inception-style Cueto ever actually sat atop his head as the image appears to be awonderfully-crafted photoshop.
The best news of all is Cueto suggesting that he might be making these caps available for everyone. Bless this man.