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A wild pitch got stuck in the wall behind home plate, and Jon Hamm was very excited about it

We learned some things about Jon Hamm on Wednesday.
First, the man known to millions as Don Draper visited with Jake and Jordan of the Cespedes Family BBQ, where he made his anti-designated hitter stance very clear. After that was finished, Hamm made his way to Yankee Stadium, where he took in the Yankees' 5-4 loss to the Nats with choice seats behind home plate, sitting beside "Saturday Night Live" star (and Ariana Grande's fiance) Pete Davidson.
Hamm had a great vantage point for a wild pitch that skipped back behind the plate from Sammy Solís in the bottom of the seventh -- and when the ball nestled itself into the netting, he couldn't help but crack a smile: 

Good times.