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Jon Lester found an inventive new way to successfully field a bunt

On the list of Jon Lester's favorite activities, throwing over to first probably ranks somewhere between cleaning the toilet and helping a friend move a couch up five flights of stairs. Despite incredible success throwing a baseball with a variety of spins at a high rate of speed toward home plate, pickoff attemps have become difficult for the left-hander in recent seasons.
While Lester ended his streak of consecutive starts without a pickoff attempt last season, he's still occasionally bitten by the bugaboo of the first base throw. During Sunday's game, Brandon Barnes bunted a ball back to the mound, which meant it was time for Lester to spring into action. 
Despite dominating Rockies hitters, the throw to first base proved a bit more difficult. Of course, Lester may have simply found a new style of fielding his position, combining throwing with candlepin bowling. 

While the Cubs lost the game, 2-0, it certainly wasn't for lack of Lester's trying. The southpaw struck out 10 Rockies and also struck a double that was the hardest-hit ball by a pitcher this season. If you can do those things, who cares if you kick the ball over to first?