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Jonathan Lucroy keeps an article calling him one of the 'hottest players in MLB history' near his locker

Most workspaces are filled with a combination of work equipment, family photos and bizarre tchotchkes from inside jokes. If you're A's catcher Jonathan Lucroy, you keep something much more important: A printout from a "Cosmopolitan" article that called him one of the hottest players in MLB history. 
Just look at the proud catcher:

Hey, why shouldn't he be proud? He's ranked No. 23 all-time! I also hope he keeps this in his wallet and anytime he's asked for ID, the article casually falls out. 
It's not the only thing that hangs near Lucroy, though. Given a spot next to a large, blank wall when he joined the team, the catcher has taken to filling it with art. That includes a large "Pardon my swag," sign, the classic "Hang in There, Baby" poster, photos from big A's games this year and a portrait of Lucroy drawn on a balloon by closer Blake Treinen. Guess Lucroy just inspires people.