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Jonathan Lucroy started to jog off the field after a Buster Posey strikeout, but the inning wasn't over

The Rockies beat the Giants, 9-6, on Tuesday, but it was still just a 2-0 game in the top of the fifth. The pressure was on for Chris Rusin, who had to face the always-menacing Buster Posey with runners on first and third and just one out.
Batterymate Jonathan Lucroy managed the at-bat carefully, and on the fourth offering, Posey swung over Rusin's fastball for the strikeout. Lucroy was reasonably excited to get a hitter like Posey out, and he celebrated by pointing to his pitcher as he walked off the field.
The only problem? Lucroy was alone in stride:

That was only the second out of the inning. The Giants ended up scoring another run before the inning truly ended. Whoops.
At least it all worked out in the end with a Rockies win.