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Greg Holland didn't catch this comebacker so much as it caught him

Playing defense as a pitcher is a difficult task. Standing just 60 feet, six inches from home plate, you're asked to field balls hit at high speeds with just milliseconds to react. Sometimes this leads to some truly spectacular plays. And sometimes, as with Greg Holland during the Rockies' 4-3 win over the Giants on Monday, all you can do is stick your glove up and hope for the best: 

Sure, it might not have looked pretty, but it's a 1-3 putout in the box score. And according to teammate Chad Bettis, it helped spark the team:
"You know, it was an unbelievable play," Bettis told's Max Gelman. "And hats off to him for that. Like I said, unbelievable play in a very difficult time of the game."