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Matt Garza barehanded a comebacker and nearly fell down, but made the play anyway

For better or for worse, instincts often take over for pitchers when a ball comes their way right after they deliver it. The temptation to reach for the ball barehanded is too great.
Breaks were hard to come by for the Brewers during Tuesday night's 10-2 loss to the Cardinals, but they caught one when Matt Garza managed to nab a comebacker from opposing pitcher Luke Weaver in the top of the second. The only problem? He might have caught it too well:

Although Garza's momentum almost sent him tumbling over, he quickly recovered to get the out at first base. That's one way to show off your flexibility.
An inning later, Garza made an error on a different pitch that was hit back to him, but hey, can't grab 'em all.