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Jorge Soler obliterated a foul ball that went completely out of Progressive Field

Imagine hitting a homer at an official MLB ballpark, the ball soaring over the fence. You did it, you made that happen. You're a powerful hitter.

Now imagine putting a swing on a pitch that sends the baseball completely out of the ballpark entirely.

The Royals' Jorge Soler did that in Tuesday's game against the Indians at Progressive Field. His massive power stroke came against Tyler Clippard in the eighth inning, and though it was a foul ball, it was unlike any foul ball you've seen before. Just bask in it:

Talk about getting "all of it," right? Or, in Soler's case, maybe getting too much of it, as he wasn't able to keep this one fair. He struck out later in the at-bat, too, so it was all totally for naught in the score book.

But for us, the baseball fans watching in awe at displays like this, it's all good. That was a smash. Hope somebody finds the surprise souvenir in the parking lot after the game ...