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Jose Altuve celebrated the Astros' walk-off win by swiping Jake Marisnick's hat

Nothing brings a team closer together than celebrating a walk-off win -- an entire dugout, united behind a common goal: congratulating the hero of the day. There's Gatorade. There are pies. There's, uh, filth, but we promise we mean that in the best possible way. Most importantly, there are nothing but good vibes.
... unless, of course, one of your teammates is Jose Altuve, a man who has shown nothing if not an ability to never, ever stop getting into shenanigans. So while the rest of the Astros were celebrating Carlos Correa's game-winning hit against the A's on Saturday, Altuve was scheming. The target: Jake Marisnick's hat. 

That's OK, it's all in good fun. It's not like he won't actually return the hat, right?