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The Phillie Phanatic enlisted an innocent Marlins fan in his ongoing battle against Jose Fernandez

As NL East rivals, Jose Fernandez and the Phillie Phanatic see a fair amount of each other. As man and mascot dedicated to the art of shenanigans, things tend to get out of hand between the two. Case in point: a game back in May, in which Fernandez stole the keys to the Phanatic's ATV and the Phanatic promptly engaged in a citizen's arrest.
During Philly's 4-1 win over the Marlins on Wednesday, the conflict escalated even further. It began when Fernandez caught the Phanatic on top of the Miami dugout, and proceeded to launch sunflower seeds over the rampart. Pinned down, the Phanatic did the only thing he could: He enlisted a nearby Marlins fan for protection.

Shocking? Surely. Most shocking thing involving the Phanatic and a young fan on Wednesday? Hardly: