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No one has ever had more fun than Jose Fernandez did hanging out in the Marlins dugout

On Friday night against the Reds, Jose Fernandez was, well, Jose Fernandez -- he tossed seven innings of one-run ball while striking out eight as the Marlins topped Cincy, 3-1. His work complete for the next five days, Fernandez returned to Marlins Park on Saturday for game two of the series as merely a spectator, armed with nothing but a sense of whimsy and far, far too much free time. The following is a brief and by no means exhaustive list of his dugout shenanigans.
- In the bottom of the eighth, Giancarlo Stanton shattered his bat on a single to center field. The handle flew into the Marlins dugout, where it was picked up by hitting coach Barry Bonds ... who promptly had it stolen by Fernandez, who needed it for some urgent dugout baseball matters. His swing was on point, at least:

  • He and Bonds seem to be doing OK, however, and remain best of friends:
  • Finally, our intrepid hero capped his night with an impression of Marlins setup man and explorer of nature Fernando Rodney -- and while he nailed the angle of his cap, his dance moves ... well:

May we all eventually experience just one minute of the joy Jose Fernandez feels at all times.