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Jose Martinez's spot-on bobblehead imitation blurs the line between bobblehead and man

It seems like a ton of baseball players get their own bobblehead nights these days. Friday was Marcell Ozuna's turn for the Cardinals, who handed out lil' Ozuna bobbleheads before Friday night's game against the Braves at Busch Stadium.

But this story isn't about Marcell Ozuna. It's about the biggest fan of the Ozuna bobblehead, a gentleman named Jose Martinez -- the same Jose Martinez who happens to be Ozuna's teammate.

Perched in the St. Louis dugout, Martinez had some fun with an Ozuna bobblehead during the game, and his imitation was so spot-on it was hard to tell which was the bobblehead and which was the human.

Here's a recap of the above, if that's too much to process at once:

If there's justice in this world, this display will lead to Martinez getting a bobblehead of his own one day. And if he does, here's hoping that hair goes along with it.