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Juan Soto edited his own bobblehead because it didn't smile enough

Bobbleheads are like caricatures in three-dimensional form. The point isn't for them to accurately portray the subject, but to exaggerate aspects of the subject in a way that is, in some ways, more true than reality. To best capture someone's personality, sometimes you have to deviate a bit from reality.

On Friday, the Nationals will give a Juan Soto bobblehead to the first 25,000 fans that arrive at Nationals Park. And, thanks to some help from Soto himself, they're going to feature the infectious smile Nats fans have fallen in love with.

An original design of the bobblehead depicted a stern version of the 20-year-old preparing to crush a ball. Instead, Soto wanted to be a happy guy, so changes were made.

Which one is more true to who Soto is: the bobblehead with him smiling or the one as he actually looks in the batter's box? At such a young age, Soto is already an expert at the art of designing a bobblehead.