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Some Nats fans repurposed their old Bryce Harper jerseys, with interesting results

Thursday's Opening Day game against the Mets marked the launch of a new era for the Nationals, one without Bryce Harper. From 2012 through '18, Harper was the face of the franchise and a cornerstone player, but he's now a member of the Phillies.

For fans who purchased and proudly wore Harper jerseys over the years, of course, Harper's departure for Philadelphia created a bit of a quandary. What to do with that old jersey? Wear it as a remembrance of a past era now lodged in your memory, sure. That's one option.

So is this ... ?

This fan, on the other hand, opted for a surgical procedure on his jersey, transforming an old Harper No. 34 to a new one for 20-year-old phenom Juan Soto, No. 22.

Those are some ... well, maybe not strong efforts, but they're efforts nonetheless.