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Jose Martinez used a wet-floor cone to mess with Greg Garcia in the Cardinals dugout

The Cardinals have been the National League's hottest team in the second half, and they kept that pace going on Wednesday night by quickly building a 3-0 lead on the Nationals after just one inning of play. Perhaps one of the reasons they've played well is that first baseman José Martínez has helped keep them loose.
Indeed, Martinez has taken to messing around with a wet-floor cone during this most recent series against the Nationals. In the second inning, he grabbed the cone and prepared to use it to startle unsuspecting teammate Greg Garcia:

With a yell, Garcia was jolted from his spot on the dugout railing -- much to the delight of a cackling Martinez.'s Joe Trezza asked Garcia what Martinez screamed. "Who knows?" Garcia said. "Something loud! Scared the hell out of me!"
Just a few batters later, Martinez was up and added to the Cardinals' lead with an RBI single, his second hit of the game:

The Cardinals went on to win, 7-6, and Martinez attributed part of the success to the team's dynamic. "If you have fun, everything is going to be easier in the game," said Martinez. "Baseball is too much. If we have fun, everything is going to be more relaxed."
We're sure that Garcia will take the trade-off of dugout shenanigans for key hits from Martinez. It just doesn't make him any less delightfully weird.