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Jose Ramirez's helmet refuses to stay on his head: An investigation

Jose Ramirez has a problem. No, it has nothing to do with the caliber of his play -- he's batting .313 with 45 doubles as a 24 year old on an Indians team that just clinched the AL Central.

Rather, it's his helmet. It refuses to stay on his head.


That extremely smooth jettison is from July. It is just one of the many times this season his helmet decided it would rather be anywhere in the world than atop his head -- you can watch more instances in the clip above.

Is it that Ramirez's enthusiasm simply cannot be contained? Does his helmet see the impending base and scramble for the eject button? Who knows. But if you were going to name an Indians player "Most Likely to Lose His Helmet on the Basepaths," Ramirez's helmet would fly off and accept the award itself.

Sometimes, it even defies the laws of physics:


Hopefully by October, Ramirez will have figured out a way to keep it on -- perhaps if Cleveland meets the Rangers in the postseason, Carlos Gomez can give him some tips.

Although, honestly, maybe not. It seems to have worked for Ramirez so far.