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A young fan showed great reaction time to catch a foul ball and earned applause from Jose Urena

The debate surrounding the etiquette of bringing a glove to a game as a fan will most likely continue until the end of days. What everyone can agree on, though, is that having a glove allows a fan to catch some balls hit in his or her direction that wouldn't be possible with a bare hand.
During the Marlins' 4-3 win over the Brewers on Monday, a young fan needed a glove to snag this line drive from Hernán Pérez, and he showed he knew how to use it:

How impressive was this fan's grab? Let's ask José Ureña:

Having played with Gold Glove winners like Dee Gordon and Marcell Ozuna, Urena's seen his share of good catches. He knows a good one when he sees it, and this was a good one.