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Jose Ureña and Neil Walker recreated a scene out of a horror movie on a routine popup

One of the oddest conventions in baseball is the prohibition on pitchers catching routine popups hit in the vicinity of the mound. They're fine fielding grounders and line drives and even race to cover first base on occasion. But, for whatever reason, when a ball is hit high in the air, they have to get out of the way for the "real infielders."

During Monday's game against the Nationals, Marlins pitcher Jose Ureña needed a bit of help getting out of the way of a popup. After going to a knee to not interfere with others making the catch, it turned out the ball was heading straight for him. Unable to move on his own, Neil Walker had to make sure he was removed from the area:

Just like the mother in a horror movie who, after seeing her child suffer some graphic fate, has to be pulled away from the scene so she doesn't put herself in danger, Ureña was fortunate for the help of a bystander. If it weren't for Walker's quick thinking, Ureña could have been trampled -- or, worse, he may have been forced to field the popup.