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Hey, baseball players: Make a deal with a fan and you, too, can feast on giant bags of popcorn in the dugout

Curtis Granderson is clearly still beloved in Detroit, and why not? The first six of his 16 big league seasons were spent with the Tigers, after all. He's also an especially charismatic guy, and that overall agreeableness led to a quirky encounter with a Tigers fan in Tuesday's Marlins-Tigers game in Detroit that led to this scene of Grandy sharing an oversized bag of popcorn in the Miami dugout:

This Major League snack attack came courtesy of a fan, who promised Granderson a treat of his choice if he got a base hit in his next at-bat. When the veteran picked up that base hit, the fan produced a big ol' bag of popcorn, and you know the rest.

Kudos to that fan for being a man of his word!