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This Mariners fan being dramatically doused in cheese sauce just may be the next great villain

All superhero stories need villains, and villains need origin stories. It's what made Viserys Targaryen at the center of a rather dramatic moment in the first season of "Game of Thrones" (spoiler alert if you haven't watched any GoT).

Remember this piece if a new villain emerges from the Pacific Northwest. No, I'm not talking about Daniel Vogelbach, though the Mariners slugger does pester opposing pitching staffs frequently.

I'm referring to this Mariners fan who suffered the indignity of being completely doused in nacho cheese sauce after losing a trivia game on Thursday, which happened to be the Mariners' "Game of Thrones" night. Just look at this image:

The anguish. The humiliation. The stickiness. This is what forms a villain.

Consider yourself warned ...

taylor trammell