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The Rangers unveiled a two-pound chicken tender because everything is bigger in Texas

(via @DarrenRovell on Twitter)

The Rangers have always been at the forefront of wild ballpark food. They're best known for their legendary two-foot-long Boomstick hot dog, which they smother in chili, nacho cheese, jalapenos and caramelized onions.

There's also an item called the MVT, which is a Boomstick dog in a huge tamale. And then last year they stuffed a hot dog in a hollowed-out pickle, fried it in batter like a corn dog and called it The Dilly Dog.

But for their upcoming final season in Globe Life Park, the team unveiled a whole new monster: The Fowl Pole.

That thing looks more like a murder weapon or a baseball bat than a consumable food item. Still very much down to try it, though. Also, if this tender is two-pounds, imagine what the whole chicken looks like ...