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Josh Bell's extremely muscular dad was not happy about a borderline strike call on his son

Josh Bell is a big dude. You know how men's blazers usually give a little oomph and structure to shoulders? Yeah, Bell looks like he's always wearing one. 
Compared to his Dad, Earnest, though, Bell looks like a fifth grader who snuck into the stadium:

Earnest also cares deeply about his son's performance, with the two of them playing baseball in the backyard almost every afternoon while Josh was growing up
"When I think back about it, a lot of people were like, 'Oh my gosh, you spent so many hours. That must have been hard work,'" Josh said last year. "For me, it was always like, No. 1, I get to hang out with my pops. … It was always in good spirits."
So, it should come as no surprise that Earnest takes Josh's at-bats just as seriously today. In the bottom of the third of Wednesday's Pirates-Twins game, a borderline call went against Bell. Knowing that he wouldn't be allowed to rip the seat out of the concrete, Earnest opted instead to angrily jump out of his seat: 

Had he stuck around, he would have been happy. Josh walked. Now the only question is who would win in an arm-wrestling match: Josh Bell's Dad or Marcus Stroman's equally strong dad