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Josh Donaldson really likes Zebra Cakes and Bryce Harper's hair

Yes, Josh Donaldson is a professional baseball player. He is the reigning American League MVP. He's batting .291/.400/.562 with 28 home runs so far in 2016. But deep down, he is just like you and me: He, too, has a weakness for Little Debbie snack cakes.

Donaldson went on MLB Central Tuesday morning and admitted that, yes, Zebra Cakes are the one snack food he cannot live without. And if you're questioning Donaldson's taste, he also thinks Bryce Harper has great hair. 

Watch the full clip above to get more of Donaldson's answers to the toughest questions, including which teammate he'd love to switch places with for a day, which AL pitcher he hates facing and his first thought when Jose Bautista flipped his bat during the ALDS.