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The Braves showed why baseball needs more prop-based celebrations after Josh Donaldson's homer

For my money, Josh Donaldson's nickname -- Bringer of Rain -- in on the short list for the best in baseball. It's such a fitting nickname for a player who has made a career out of making hits and home runs rain down on his opponents. But, what makes the nickname so good is that that's not even the reason he's called the Bringer of Rain. It's actually a reference to a TV show.

But that doesn't mean it can't be a reference to his dingers. So, on Monday the Braves re-appropriated the moniker for Donaldson's play on the field, which brings us to another virtue of the name: It lends itself to props. After hitting a first-inning homer, he was presented with an umbrella in the dugout to protect him from various flying objects.

Even the bullpen came to the ballpark ready. After all, Donaldson entered the game with 33 home runs on the season. Every time he steps on the field, rain is in the forecast.

Home run celebrations have taken a huge step forward in recent years all around baseball with teams coordinating humorous and often elaborate rituals after going yard. As the Braves showed with the Bringer of Rain umbrellas, prop-based celebrations are clearly the next frontier. 29 other teams should take note and start planning some brainstorming sessions, stat.