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Joey Votto and Jesse Winker's trust fall home run celebration proves they're perfect teammates

Recent years have seen rapid development in the arena of home run celebrations. The Astros stared at the dugout camera in creepy and intimidating ways. Each Phillies player duo seems to have their own high-five-like ritual. Like Fortnite before it, pre-planned home run celebrations are a craze sweeping the game.

Now the Reds are in on the action. You've probably done a trust fall as part of a team-building exercise at some point with mixed results. Well, after each home run, Jesse Winker and Joey Votto are proving that they are team-building champions by successfully executing the trust fall.

Here's Votto falling into Winker's arms after a homer against the Padres:

And Winker returning the favor after homering against the Mets.

With the Reds showing off how tight-knit they are after every home run, they've officially entered the race for best celebration in the game. We truly live in a golden era for this sort of thing.