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Josh Donaldson nearly brought the rain with this 141-foot high, go-ahead dinger

Although Josh Donaldson has stated in the past that his "Bringer of Rain" nickname does not refer to his sky-scraping home runs, we really, really think it should. I mean, the evidence is all there. And in the 10th inning of Wednesday's Blue Jays-A's game, The Bringer of Rain (sorry but it's true, Josh) was at it again.
The former MVP hit a game-winning homer that may have gone in and out of our atmosphere before landing over the fence:

Statcast listed it as having a 37-degree launch angle, 6.6-second hang time (tied for ninth-longest this season) and a peak height of 141 feet. That's just a couple feet shorter than Javier Báez's UFO-scraping blast last month. Thanks to the two-run shot, Toronto ended up winning the game, 7-5.