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Josh Harrison used the fadeaway jumper to get the out on this backhanded gem

One of the Pirates' most overlooked skills lies in their defensive positioning and use of shifts, as the club has used the sixth-most in the Majors this year. But even when your players are perfectly positioned, you still need them to come up with some pretty amazing plays. Josh Harrison was proof of that on Friday night against the Reds. When Eugenio Suarez hit a ground ball up the middle in the top of the second inning, Harrison was already positioned close to the second base bag. 
Racing behind it, Harrison made an impressive stab just to snag the ball. Surely he wouldn't be able to get the out at first, right? 
Wrong. Thanks to a round-the-world, more-like-a-game-of-500, Michael-Jordan-fadeaway-jumper of a throw, he not only got the ball to the bag in time, but it was plenty high, too. 

Of course, Harrison's throw fits in well in Pirates history. There was another player known for his high-arcing tosses: None other than Roberto Clemente.