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Josh Harrison abruptly pumped the brakes on his slide into second and it worked perfectly

After lacing a ball into the outfield, a hitter becomes a runner -- and with that comes the responsibility of making quick decisions. 

In Tuesday's 8-4 loss to the Nationals at PNC Park, Pirates utility man Josh Harrison proved once again that he's quite deft at split-second decisions after hitting a ball into left-center. Racing for second, Harrison -- who's done this sort of thing before, on a few occasions -- saw that the ball beat him to the bag, but did this instead of running into an out:


After a replay review, it was confirmed that Harrison was, indeed, safe at second after that remixed slide attempt.

Pirates manager Clint Hurdle raved about Harrison's slide (and overall style of play) to's Adam Berry after the game: 

"He plays the game with his heart outside his chest. I've never seen anybody avoid tags like he does. I think it'd be a waste of my time telling him, 'Hey, could you slow down? Could you be a little more careful?' That's one of the things that got him to the big leagues, keeps him playing, got him to an All-Star Game is that zest, that effort, that energy to play."

Infielders must be used to seeing this sort of thing from Harrison, with a track record like this:


That's how you get it done!