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Josh Harrison's slide into second doubled as his audition for the US Olympic swimming team

Pop quiz: Given the way in which this stolen base attempt began for Josh Harrison during Pittsburgh's 6-4 win over the Padres, would you expect him to be A) safe or B) out?

If you answered B) out, that's certainly understandable -- Harrison proceeds to slip, fall down, turn back toward first and then continue toward second, all while the pitch arrives and the catcher throws down to first base to initiate a rundown. Alas, we regret to inform you that the correct answer is actually A) safe, because Josh Harrison is a warlock and/or the newest anchor in the U.S. Olympic swimming team's 4x200m freestyle relay:

In violation of the magician's cardinal rule, Harrison revealed his secrets to's Adam Berry after the game: "Infielders are taught to grab it and stay this way. A lot of times, you can deke them by throwing that hand in real quick and pulling it back. It's a matter of trying to do anything you can. I got lucky."
The above sorcery was so mind-bending, it even tricked the umpire at first glance -- Harrison was initially called out, but the play was overturned on review.