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Totally confident that he was about to score, Josh Harrison broke out into song at third base

The Pirates were leading the Giants, 5-4, in the seventh inning of Monday's matchup at AT&T Park. With no outs, Josh Harrison, who'd just dashed from first base to third on Jordy Mercer's single, stood 90 feet away from extending Pittsburgh's lead. 
He was, in other words, feeling good:

When the moment strikes, the moment strikes. Plus, what better way to demonstrate his total confidence in the inevitability of scoring the Pirates' sixth run (which he did, by the way) than to sing along with the ballpark music during the Giants' pitching change? There are few things more intimidating than suddenly breaking out into song. 
The Pirates ended up scoring twice that inning (and added one more in the eighth) and topped the Giants, 8-5. And who knows? Perhaps Monday night was the debut of Harrison's new musical group, The J-Hay-sey Boys.