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Josh Reddick was quite confused on the basepaths but ended up on third base anyway

Everything seemed to click for the Astros' offense on Monday against the A's. A pair of big innings led them to an 11-4 victory in this key American League West matchup.
There was just one tiny blip on the radar, courtesy of Josh Reddick's eighth-inning adventures on the basepaths. He led off the frame by lining a ball toward Nick Martini. The left fielder broke the wrong way, though, and the ball nicked off his glove to fall in safely.
Reddick had assumed the ball would be caught and had to hustle to make it to second after jogging to first:

It was goofy, but not remarkably out of the ordinary.
What made the play bizarre was when Martini made an extremely wild throw toward the infield. It bounced past first baseman Matt Olson and into foul territory.
So, Reddick was on the move, right? Well, he hadn't realized that the play was still alive. Instead, he was standing on second, clapping to himself.
It was only after Reddick's teammates were yelling at him that he realized what was going on. Panic set in and he scrambled to third ...

... much to the amusement of Justin Verlander and José Altuve:

Reddick scored when Alex Bregman crushed a three-run homer, so no harm, no foul -- just laughs.