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Tony Kemp explains the thought behind the 'Dream Crushing' shirts the Astros are sporting

You are familiar with the GIF: the moment Tyler White hit the home run against the Mariners and ran back into the dugout to celebrate with teammates and create a great on-camera moment. And if you're not familiar, here's a refresher:

It's a thing of beauty, right? 
Alex Bregman started the trend when he stared into the souls of those watching on TV and created a fun moment for those who were able to witness it. The Astros' third baseman also posted a photo of the stare with his teammates on his Instagram after the White homer and "dream crushing" was born.
You know what that means -- yep, T-shirts were made. 
"Right after [Tyler White] hit that home run in Seattle we felt like it was the perfect time to do the camera stare," Tony Kemp told's Brian McTaggart. 
Kemp was sporting the "Dream Crushing" tee and he admitted it may be difficult to relive the now famous stare.

He also mentioned that the team will probably get together to discuss what charity the shirt's proceeds will go toward.
And the meaning behind the term? Well, Kemp said it's rather simple.
"When you're a little kid, your childhood dream is to be in the big leagues and right now that's what we're doing -- we're dream crushing and having a good time doing it."