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Josh Reddick's impressive moves helped him dodge Marwin Gonzalez's fleeting foul ball

(Bob Levey)

Josh Reddick is having a rather successful season. He's boasting a .313 batting average and playing for the Astros, who lead the American League West.
But did you also know he's extremely flexible? When the Astros were on the road for their Fourth of July game against the Braves, Reddick showed off some of his other talents beyond the ones that land him on base.
Marwin Gonzalez was at the plate at the top of the third inning when he fouled a line drive down the third-base line -- where Reddick happened to be. Luckily Reddick was on full alert as he managed to avoid the ball using some Matrix moves.

As you can tell by his facial expression, he was glad he avoided the hard-hit ball, as was Gonzalez.