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Showing impeccable form, Josh Reddick stood at the free-throw line and swished the Rockets' 'First Shot'

Members of the Astros stepping up at the free-throw line of a Rockets game and taking the "First Shot" is something of a tradition in Houston these days. José Altuve, Carlos Correa, George Springer and Lance McCullers Jr. have each tried their best at an NBA-distance free throw ... 
... but they've almost all missed it. Yep, McCullers couldn't do it, Altuve missed, Springer made good on his promise of a brick, while Correa lucked his way into a bank shot conversion shortly after the Astros' World Series title in 2017. Owner Jim Crane gave his best attempt, too
Enter Josh Reddick. The recently married outfielder was entrusted with the opportunity prior to Monday's Mavericks-Rockets game, and, well, he pretty much has clubhouse bragging rights now: 

Pinpoint accuracy! Very well done, Joshua. If you're surprised by that at all, you just haven't paid much attention to Reddick's throwing arm in right field, I guess.