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Watch Justin Turner and Alex Wood get the Manny Machado news while chilling on a boat's Mark Feinsand and MLB Network's Ken Rosenthal have confirmed that Manny Machadois heading to the Dodgers in a prospect-heavy deal. Machado is a very good player and, like another Manny traded to La La Land years ago, should help bolster a team already poised for a stretch run.
Dodgers fans are likely pumped for the news, but they're not the only ones: Current Dodger players were also thrilled. Check out Justin Turner and Alex Wood receive the news in real-time while chilling on a boat together. (It may have been scripted, but it's still fun). 

At Bat alert
Wood: "It's done."
Turner: "It's done?"
Wood: "Yeah, we got Manny, dude."
Turner: "We got Manny?"
Wood: "Yeahhh"
Turner: "We got Manny!"
We're guessing T-Pain then came out and the three of them did a song about getting Manny Machado.