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Justin Upton hit the 'pause' button and retreated to re-touch first base after a homer

Justin Upton had a productive game in the Tigers' 8-5 loss to the Dodgers Friday night at Comerica Park -- but it wasn't without one interesting and rather unusual moment. 
The slugger swatted two home runs and an RBI double for a very solid night at the plate. But after hitting that first homer, hit against Rich Hill in the bottom of the third inning, Upton essentially paused his trot around the bases after thinking he missed the first-base bag. So he literally stopped, motioned "wait, hold on" to the Tigers dugout and retreated back to re-touch first base:

Better safe than sorry, right? No hitter wants to be the guy who accidentally misses touching a base after hitting a homer. Although, as the Tigers' broadcasters noted in the clip atop this post, Upton did actually touch the base correctly on the first try. 
We can't blame him for the self-concern, though. You can't get called out if you make sure you did it the right way the first time!