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Tony Kemp saved Justin Verlander from getting beaned by the gum bucket after a walk-off win

The Astros beat the A's in dramatic fashion on Wednesday afternoon when Tyler White went deep in the bottom of the ninth to give them a 5-4 win. The walk-off blast was also the 81st of the season across Major League Baseball, setting a new all-time high.
It was absolutely a time for celebration, and the Astros prepared to mob White at home plate. Seizing the opportunity, Tony Kemp threw a container of bubble gum into the air ... only to see it about to crash down upon his teammates, including ace Justin Verlander.
Thankfully, Kemp came to the rescue with a mighty swat:

Kemp later tweeted about the save when someone sent him a clip highlighting his athletic jump ...

... and Verlander was quick to express his gratitude:

Of course, Kemp slightly messing up his chance to celebrate with White at home plate didn't mean that he was going to let him off the hook during the postgame interview:

That's more like it.