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At least Karl-Anthony Towns appears to feel badly about roasting all of Minnesota

You could say the Twins have some history with New York. After 15 consecutive postseason losses -- 12 of which came at the hands of the Bombers -- you could say that the Yankees are Minnesota's archnemesis. You could say that New York is determined to make sure that the Twins never see happiness ever again.

A New York ballcap in the Twin Cities would not go over very well, is the point.

Enter: Karl Anthony-Towns, the star center for the, yup, Minnesota Timberwolves.

Now, sure, Towns is originally from New Jersey -- part of that strange tri-state area where everyone can lay claim to being a Yankees fan -- but that's not going to matter to Twins fans. When you join a team, the expectation is that everyone is going to get on board with their new hometown club.

When the Twins rocked NFL jerseys, most went with Vikings unis:

Still, even if Twins fans can accept that a T-Wolves player grew up rooting for another team, they may not be able to handle it at this point, with the team down two games to none and seemingly cursed to never win in October ever again. Maybe Towns could have just gone with a classy undershirt for the team's flight.

I mean, Nelson Cruz will probably have something to say to him: