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Can you imagine sitting between Kevin Durant and Larry David at a baseball game?

It sounds crazy, right? You're at an anticipated heavyweight battle between the Yankees and Dodgers in L.A.,, just minding your own business, when you hear something -- a familiar voice, maybe. It's not a friend or a friend's dad, but you swear it's familiar.

Is that ... wait. That's Larry David! The guy responsible for "Seinfeld" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm," and -- while you're coming to terms with this somewhat surprising realization, a towering man in a sweatshirt walks by. He's super tall, like basketball player tall.

It's ... hold on. That's Kevin Durant. THE Kevin Durant, who just signed a huge deal with the Brooklyn Nets. And he's RIGHT THERE.

What a scene. And it's especially amusing how both icons are pretty much how you'd expect them to look.

First, KD, probably after firing off some fire tweets to his trolls on social media:

And then Larry David, lookin' perplexed as always:

Talk about fully capturing the moment.

Only in L.A., right?