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Great news: The SNY media truck didn't short circuit when Keith Hernandez used it to charge his electric car

Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez found himself in a predicament in the hours before the Mets' 7-3 win over the Giants on Thursday: he needed to charge his car.

Luckily for him, there's a big box of electricity on wheels located outside any ballpark televising a baseball game -- but is the media truck really a viable (and safe) option to use to charge a fancy electric car?

During the broadcast, Hernandez and his fellow broadcasters discussed this quirky pregame saga, and how the folks in the media truck were a bit apprehensive about whether it was, indeed, a good idea to use the truck to charge a Tesla.

Who knows if something like this could happen as a result!

Fortunately for everybody involved, Hernandez charged his car without issue and the media truck did not short circuit and ruin the afternoon's broadcasting plans. A happy ending for all parties ... and a reminder to always charge your electric car whenever you're supposed to.

I say this as somebody who has no idea when you're supposed to charge your car, as I don't have one ... but I'm sure there are specific guidelines.