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Wednesday's Mets broadcast was briefly interrupted by Keith Hernandez's cell phone going off

We may still have three weeks of Spring Training left, but take heart: The Mets' broadcast booth has already gotten its shenanigans into midseason form. Previously on Keith Hernandez's Adventures in Technology, our intrepid hero discovered the wonders of the telestrator -- and all of its trolliest possibilities:


During Wednesday's Spring Training matchup with the Yankees, however, the tables were turned, and Hernandez learned another valuable lesson about the perils of broadcasting in the 21st century: Always, always make sure you've got your phone on silent.

In the top of the fourth, as Yankees right fielder Shane Robinson stepped into the box, a quick pinging noise was heard over the air. Something from the graphics department? No, it was just a notification from Hernandez's phone, much to the amusement of Ron Darling. Hernandez apologized, dealt with it with his usual aplomb -- no harm, no foul ... until a few seconds later, when his phone went off again

Watch the clip above to get the full sequence, including Hernandez making both a Clash and an Edward R. Murrow reference. Glad to have you back, guys.