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Ken Griffey Jr. ended his HOF induction speech by -- what else? -- putting his cap on backward

For many baseball fans, Ken Griffey Jr. was culture in the '90s. His swing was performance art, but off the field Griffey had his face on chocolate bars, graced the cover of video games and had his own signature cleat

Of course, there was also the backwards hat. Thousands of kids flipped around their lids to mimic Junior, including current Major Leaguers like Eric Hosmer . So as Griffey got to the end of his speech, he knew he had no choice. 

After thanking his family, friends and fans, along with "The Reds, the White Sox and the Mariners for making this kid's dream come true," it was time.


The cheer that rose up was like if a Beatles reunion (featuring all original members) met the reveal that Santa Claus is real.