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Kevin Pillar halted Jose Ramirez's bid for extra bases with a grab that'd make Jim Edmonds proud

Kevin Pillar might as well have "defensive magician" on his resume -- assuming he needs a resume these days, which he probably doesn't. The point is he's great at defense.
He reminded us all of this fact once again in the Blue Jays' 4-2 win over the Indians at Rogers Centre on Monday on a ball struck by Jose Ramirez in the sixth inning. Bidding for extra bases, Ramirez wound up with nothing but a "tip your cap" moment, thanks to Pillar

Could you imagine being the pitcher on the mound benefiting from this latest outright robbery in your name? Marcus Stroman can, as he's done before, and reacted in kind:

Given the extreme level of difficulty of Pillar's catch and how easy he made it look, it's hard not to shake memories of this inspired grab from eight-time Gold Glove winner Jim Edmonds: 

Full extension, all-out determination, diving headfirst into an unforgiving surface all in the name of making the play -- that's how you get it done.